Our History

historical ywca poster

Since our doors opened in Memphis in 1919, we have been on a mission to serve women and girls across all generations. The organization was created during a time when there was great gender inequality towards women, and limited opportunities. A time where women couldn’t vote or sit on juries.  The YWCA of Greater Memphis has always championed civil rights and was one of the first organizations in Memphis with integrated leadership and membership.

One hundred years later, and we are still on a mission. We are creating change and addressing the issues that still plague women today: safety, equal pay, racial justice, and economic empowerment and advancement.

We ask you to join us as we continue to work to eliminate barriers, empower women  and families and serve the Greater Memphis area.

The YWCA Greater Memphis turns 100 in 2019! If you have programs, memories, or pictures from days gone by, we want to hear from you. Contact pdixon@memphisywca.org for additional information.


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