Training and Education

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Community Education and Training

The YWCA Greater Memphis provides community education, training, consultation and technical assistance to professionals and the community at large.  Workplaces, churches, schools and other groups are encouraged to consider our highly interactive sessions. Programs are tailored to fit the needs of the participants and are conducted by experienced and trained experts and advocates. More information on the trainings we offer and how you can book them can be found below.

Domestic Violence 101 

This in-depth training will give you a better understanding of the crisis of domestic violence in our community, what some of the warning signs are, and the resources available if you or someone you know is an abusive situation. There is no typical victim or abuser. All races, income levels, women and men can be victims. In addition to physical abuse, abuse can take many other forms, from economic sabotage to verbal abuse. With a mix of research and anecdotal knowledge, this training will equip you to evaluate and respond comprehensively if you encounter domestic violence.

Sexual Harassment Training  

Our training on sexual harassment provides a comprehensive overview of the legislative history and the situational context in which workers may experience harassment. This interactive and informative training uses real life scenarios to help employers:

  • Lower liability and increase productivity,
  • Increase awareness of acceptable and unacceptable behavior,
  • Send a strong message from the top, and,
  • Encourages bystander intervention and reporting by victims.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and inclusion are not just warm and fuzzy concepts. Workplace satisfaction and engagement are correlated with the degree of inclusivity.  Businesses that do not foster inclusive environments and encourage diversity throughout their workforce, experience a loss in productivity, absenteeism,and disengagement. Forbes Magazine indicates, Companies that create inclusive workplaces and encourage success among all employees outperform their competitors.  Our community prospers and is more competitive when we encourage and promote development of a more diverse workforce.

YWCA Greater Memphis has a long track record in promoting diversity and inclusion. We were one of the first organizations in Memphis with an interracial board and leadership, have promoted gender equality for 100 years, and have consistently engaged all ages. This training will help you:

  • identify discriminatory practices and policies, and unconscious bias,
  • send a clear message that your company values and respects all individuals, and,
  • create effective policy using provided tools for implementation.

Healthy Love

This program is targeted to high school students and is designed to break the cycle of abuse by discussing the following topics with students:

  • Respect, empathy and establishing boundaries,
  • Safe dating,
  • Bullying and other red flags,
  • How to help others and Is it ok to report something that happened to someone else, and,
  • Where to get help.

Information is presented in an interactive format that engages and informs.

Practical Money Skills 

This is a financial literacy program targeted to high school students. Session covers:

  • Decision making and goals,
  • Income and careers (the money you earn),:
  • Saving, investing, and retirement planning (the money you keep) and:
  • Principles of money management (the money you spend).

Information is presented in an interactive game format that engages and informs.

Contact if you would like to schedule a training session or for additional information.