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En Español

Immigrant Women’s Services is a program sensitive to the culture and language of Spanish-speaking women.

Immigrant Women’s Services program helps to end the fear, isolation and suffering battered immigrant women face and to increase their knowledge of healthy relationships, the dynamics of domestic violence, services available and victims’ rights. 

Our services include:

  • Spanish/English Referral/Crisis Line   (901) 458-2550
    The Spanish/English Referral Crisis Line provides a central line in Spanish and English for immigrant women to call and access services, information, and referrals. The phone is answered directly between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. After hours, the line features detailed messages in Spanish, telling women whom to call for emergency services.
  • Legal Advocacy
    Legal advocacy connects immigrant victims with needed services within the judicial system.
  • Access to Emergency Shelter
    The YWCA emergency shelter is a 27-bed facility that provides temporary shelter for women, with or without children, who are escaping domestic violence and need a safe place to go.
  • Educational Support Group
    Due to isolation and lack of family for support, the support group becomes a vital service for immigrant victims seeking to empower themselves and remain free from abuse.
  • Community Education
    The YWCA Immigrant Women's Services program provides education about the dynamics of domestic and intimate partner violence, the impact of domestic violence on children, legal remedies available, and other types of services victims can access.  It also provides workshops for Latino teens on healthy intimate and sexual relationships.

Innumerable Barriers

Immigrant women face innumerable barriers to gain access to services and to defend their rights. The following are some of the barriers faced:

  • Not having family or friends in this country
  • Speaking another language
  • Not knowing where to go or who to contact to ask for help
  • Limited services available to immigrants
  • Fear of the police and other authorities
  • Not knowing their rights and the law
  • Fear of losing their children and being deported
  • Not having a work permit
  • Not knowing that the abusers can’t control their immigrant status anymore

Many times victims are afraid that their abuser will hide or destroy important papers, afraid of the threats about legalization of their immigrant status, and afraid of not seeing their families again.

Right to State Protections:

  • All persons have the right to access state courts for protective orders, to seek custody, to seek a divorce or to file criminal proceedings regardless of their immigration or citizenship status.
  • The right to an interpreter in court
  • The right to access shelter protection and other services necessary for safety, including emergency health care
  • The right to access police protection

For more information please contact us at:

YWCA Immigrant Women’s Services
766 S. Highland Street
Memphis, TN 38111
Phone: (901) 458-2550
Fax: (901) 458-2555

Spanish/English Referral Crisis Line: (901) 458-2550

YWCA-Abused Women's Services Crisis Hotline: (901) 725-4277